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Emerging-market forex revenues eclipse 'G10' for first time

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The slowdown is particularly acute in G10 currencies: the U. Preliminary data for the first quarter of suggest emerging markets were again outperforming - G10 revenues are down nearly 10 percent; developing-market revenues are flat or marginally lower, Kuznetsov said.

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Emerging-market forex revenue in was the third highest since at leastaccording to Coalition; G10 revenues were second worst. Forex earnings are being squeezed by declines in trading volumes and volatility.

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Banks wring more money from volatile markets, as clients trade more. But currency volatility has plummeted to five-year trade forex with the banks as major central banks, from the United States to New Zealand, turned dovish.

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People are fighting for market share. The Mexican peso and Brazilian real moved sharply amid political changes.

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The growing role of expensive automated trading systems in G10 markets has suppressed already wafer-thin margins. Less liquid emerging-market currencies, on the other hand, often can be traded on the phone, making profits higher. JPMorgan and Citigroup also reported declines in trading revenue, of 10 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

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Bank of America said first-quarter overall trading revenue had declined 17 percent, with fixed income trading down 8 percent.

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